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Grace Point Church

Children's Clothing and Toy Resale


Seller Information


How much is the registration fee for current sellers?

The registration fee is $10 and can only be paid via PayPal.

When and where is drop off?

Sunday: 1pm-9pm

Monday 9:00am-1:00pm

Follow the Drop off signs to the back double door entrance (south).

Can I drop off late?

Unfortunately, no you cannot drop off late. Inspection is on a tight schedule to get every item inspected and set up in time for the resale. Even dropping off an extra box or items makes it difficult. Once the doors close on Tuesday evening, we will no longer accept additional items.

When is pick up?

Pickup is from 4:30 – 5:00 the day of the sale. Items not picked up by 5:00 will be donated.

What if I can’t get to pick up at that time, can I make arrangements to pick it up later?

Generally, late pick up is not an option. You can send someone to pick up your items, but you need to make a note during drop off or leave a phone message so we are aware it is acceptable for that person to pick up your returned items.